Filling machine
  • WinCK900 Vibrate filling machine(Vibration feeding)

    WinCK900 Powder filling machine(Vibration feeding)

    Max capacity: 1000g

    Accuracy: 50mg

    Speed: 60-80bag/min,no weighing

             20-60bag/min,weighing feedback

        WinCK series micro powder automatic dispensing machine is designed for high-Accuracy dynamic powder dosing& meets customers' requirements for powder mg-level high-Accuracy quantitative packaging.

      WinCK series has WinCK901 manual& WinCK920 automatic two kinds of filling machines, both of which can be equipped with online weighing feedback control to ensure the accuracy of each packagingandamp; can store weighing data in real timeandamp; can also output the data through the serial portandamp; can automatically enter the bottle , Automatic packaging, automatic stoppering, automatic bottle rolling (optional). It can complete all kinds of high-accuracy quantitative filling of micro-powder within 1g, automatic filling, to ensure mg-level accuracy.