• Push-in intermittent weighing

    Application: Push-in intermittent weighing

    1. The weight module is fixed, the object is pushed in& pauses, waiting for weighing
    2. Weigh Module has the best weighing accuracy due to no external interference.
    3. After weighing, the object is pushed out of the weighing table
    4. Special weighing& discharging mechanism should be designed according to the object
    5. Production efficiency depends on weighing time& weighing time

  • Online slicing

    Application: Online slicing

    1. Cut the cooked meat, fish& cheese into the conveyor line
    2. One section of the conveyor line is an independent weighing platform with Weigh Module
    3. After weighing the slices, the slices were weighed& the slice weight was obtained.
    4. The slice weight is fed back to the control system& the slice thickness is adjusted in real time according to the weight deviation value.
    5. Complete product quality control to make every slice qualified

  • Online weight checking

    Application: Online weight checking

    1. Hand-packed& auto-packed objects are guaranteed to be up to standard in weight
    2. Packing is weighed < br> by conveyor table equipped with weighing module.
    3. Qualified products with weight in the range of positive& negative 2G pass through
    4. Products whose weight exceeds the range of positive& negative 2G are excluded from the weight module
    5. The rejection mechanism such as cylinder is directly controlled by the unqualified output signal of the weight checking module

  • On-line sorting, classification and classification

    Application: On-line sorting, classification& classification

    1. Classify products according to their weight, such as too light, qualified& too heavy
    2. Grading according to product weight, such as grade interval 2g, grade 1-16
    3. The object is weighed through the conveyor table equipped with the weighing module.
    4. Weigh Module can give too light, qualified& too heavy three-level signals
    5. More weighing grades need to add corresponding digital output control unit

  • Quantitative feeding or filling

    Application: Quantitative feeding or filling

    1. Pre-gross filling (volumetric filling) ensures production efficiency
    2. After pre-filling, the product was weighed online& the difference was compared with the filling target value.
    3. Set the difference as the target value of next fine filling (volumetric filling) for accurate filling to ensure product accuracy

  • Gross& Net weight filling

    Application: Gross& Net weight filling

    1. Eliminate the influence of container weight, such as glass bottles with great difference
    2. The empty capacity weight was measured at the former weighing stationandamp; the full capacity weight was measured at the latter weighing station. The difference was net content.
    3. According to the difference of net content, rejection of unqualified products at the back end
    4. The filling module can also be installed in each filling station. The filling module can automatically measure the net content& control the size of feeding, forming real-time feedback control to complete filling. General Application in Continuous Rotary Filling

  • Weighing count

    Application: Weighing count

    1. Packing of uniform materials in fixed quantity
    2. Weigh Module cooperates with feeder, stops after reaching the preset quantity (weight)& controls blanking.
    3. Application which belongs to weighing filling

  • Dosing of Powder and Particulate Matter

    Application: Dosing of Powder& Particulate Matter

    1. Filling module is installed in each filling station. Filling module controls the size of feeding, forms real-time feedback controlandamp; completes filling.
    2. General Application in Intermittent Conveying.
    3. Filling Application which is difficult to handle, especially volume method& flowmeter.

  • Multi-column weighing

    Application: Multi-column weighing

    1. Install a weighing table in each column
    2. Weigh Module is small in thickness& meets the requirement of multi-column measurement of coffee bar with small size
    3. Quick weighing improves production efficiency
    4. Direct output rejection signal, simplified design